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An Experienced independent model

I am a Independent International Model Actress and Singer also a Game Character.  I have been in the Modeling Industry for 12years or more. I first started a Modeling School then completed my Deportment and Grooming Certificate. I have done alot of Catwalks at Comps and Promotional work with Aurora Models Management and Miss Teaq Promotions Agencey.

I have had big opportunitys with the V8 Supercars promoting for Holden Vodaphone with racing driver Craig Lownes.I was a Bikini Cocktail Waitress too. all this gave me much more experiences later on in the Modeling Industry. I began doing photoshoots  started traveling to met amazing Photographers i am still wanting to travel soon. I have my work published worldwide as Covergirl many times ive won comps too. I have so many fans out there now i have gained exposure also self confidence  i love my fans so much i appreciate there support and without them i would not be here today please enjoy my brand new website guys updating more soon❤❤

Who am I

Lydia Collinge was born in New Zealand Upper Hutt. living now in Australia.

Spare time is Shopping or spending my day out with my beloved pets, fans, and family. I will chill with my girls at the beach or go to the movies. keeping up with a good healthy diet including mediatating and fitness is always the key to a healthy lifestyle.

My Future dreams is a famous hollywood Actress starring in my favourite roles. I would love the opportunity to start commercial Tv ads promoting brands for hair or make up. Would love to sing in my own music videos and with music artist singers make the top modeling magazines and met amazing photographers worldwide these are my accomplishments in life and more.


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